orochemie - a modern chemistry and pharmaceutical company - belongs to the globally active Dürr Dental Group, which employs a total of 1,000 members of staff. As a manufacturer of and specialist in disinfectants and cleaning agents as well as X-ray chemicals, orochemie - which was founded in 1965 - has gained experience and industry-specific know-how over the decades. In our modern and well-equipped production premises, 105 employees develop, manufacture and market an extensive product range (orochemie brand, own-brand products, private label).

The products are used in the form of medical devices, biocidal products, medicinal products and cosmetic preparations in various fields of business. Our preparations are all listed, possess extensive efficacy, are toxicologically unobjectionable and are environmentally friendly.



orochemie places the highest priority on environmentally safe products, recyclable packaging and sustainable production. We manage energy sparingly, for example by recovering energy, using warm exhaust air to heat our buildings and generating electricity on-site in a solar power system. Our ultramodern production methods keep wastes to a minimum. We treat wastewater and exhaust air in a way that makes them environmentally safe before we release them to the outside.


orochemie is continuously educating chemists, industrial salespersons and warehouse specialists. By specific further education activities and employee qualification, we ensure that the knowledge and skills of our employees are adapted to the constantly changing requirements with respect to development, marketing authorisation, manufacturing and distribution of our high-performance formulas. Training and further education create the prerequisites with which the quality improvement process can be continuously promoted in order to gain and maintain the satisfaction of our customers.