Disinfectants for Food Industry

For communal eating areas, canteen kitchens, catering and food manufacturers, the oro® Hygienesystem provides disinfectants listed according to VAH/DGHM and DVG. The extensive product range permits the required hygiene to be implemented in critical areas and the risk of infection to guests, customers and personnel to be reduced.

Surface disinfection
B 15 Wipe Disinfectant
Highly active against all viruses
B 15 Disinfection Wipes
Fast-acting – alcohol-free
B 20 Wipe Disinfectant
Universal & economical
B 40 Quick-acting Disinfectant
Ready to use & fast-acting
B 45 Quick-acting Disinfectant
Ready to use - for use on sensitive surfaces
B 60 Disinfection Wipes
Practical for use on small surfaces
Hand hygiene
C 20 Hand + Skin Disinfectant
Free from colorants and perfumes
C 25 Disinfecting Hand Gel
Drip-free use in dispensers & handy bottle
HD 410 Hand Disinfectant
Skin-care and refatting product
C 45 Wash lotion
Economical skin-care product
C 50 Lotion
Absorbs quickly, non-greasy
C 60 Skin Protection Foam
With long-term skin-protecting effect

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