Surface Disinfectant

oro® Nonwoven soakable dry wipes

Premium-quality, tear-resistant, lint-free dry wipes in a refillable dispenser box for disinfecting and cleaning surfaces, e.g. treatment units, worktops, walls, objects, medical equipment, etc.
General purpose – can be soaked with working solutions made from the concentrates B 5, B 10, B 15 and B 20 (for wipe disinfection), B 25 (for surface disinfection) and ready-to use agents B 30, B 40 and B 45 (for rapid disinfection)
The dispenser box has a solid lid which closes properly to protect the wipes from contamination and evaporation
Fine-structured nonwoven wipes – excellent wetting properties for completely moistening the surface, no surface scratching
Highly cost-effective – time savings (dry wipes only need to be soaked once) and economical use of disinfectants
Extra large wipes; removal of single wipes from resealable dispenser box
Fully active from day one to the final day of use – remain usable for 28 days
Dispenser box standard holds a total of 180 wipes – soak with preferably 2.5 l of solution
Dispenser box compact holds a total of 60 wipes – soak with preferably 1.5 l of solution

Variante oro® Nonwoven Wipes standard

(wipe size: 200 x 300 mm):
Basic set: reusable dispenser box containing 180 wipes
Refill pack: carton of 4 x 180 wipes

Variante oro® Nonwoven Wipes compact

(wipe size: 290 x 300 mm): :
Basic set: reusable dispenser box containing 60 wipesl
Art.-Nr.: N.B58.11.01.01 Refill pack: carton of 8 x 60 wipes
Art.-Nr.: N.B58.11.08.01
Recommended accessories (oro® Nonwoven Wipes standard and compact): wall-mounting bracket, locking plate (lock included) for wall-mounting bracket

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